8GBs in a Netbook?

I have a question about netbooks and RAM. I read that the Wind12 U250 can take 8GB o DDR3 800, so long as you upgrade to Win7 64bit. Does this extend to most newer netbooks? I'm mainly interested in the MSI Wind12 U230 with it's AMD Dual-Core 1.60MHz L335 unit and ATI graphics. I read that the U250 can take 8GBs, but how can I find out if the U230 will take 8GBs as well; with a Win 7 64bit upgrade of course. To add to that, how can I find out if I can put in 8GBs of DDR3 1333MHz?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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  1. Why would you need 8GB of RAM in a netbook? Remember, a netbook cannot handle what say, a desktop or a suped up laptop can handle, i.e. imaging programs like adobe, 3D rendering, etc...
  2. To put it simply, as I have been called; a window whore. My desk top runs 8Gs of RAM and I am at 62% use at the moment. With that said, I know that I am going to be needing RAM.
  3. Fair enough. I'd just be worried that a processor on a netbook wouldn't be able to keep up with such window use. Never the less, I'd expect that most netbooks out there are limited to 4GB max, as most simply come with a gig or 2. I can't find any specific specs on the u230 though, so you may want to get in touch with MSI and see what they have to say.
  4. Yes, I too couldn't find any specific answers to the 8GB question. What I do know is that the U250 will support 8GB because it has two RAM ports. What I can't seem to find out is if it incorporates that same board as the U230. That would be a start, but won't know if the chip set will support it. Am I correct on this, or is it all OS related?

    Also as far as being concerned about the process and all the windows that would be open. It is my understanding that if they are simply open, the only resource that it would affect is RAM. Only when they are in use or being used would it affect both RAM and processor. Am I correct in this as well?

    Again,many thanks on that answer. I will give MSI a call.
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