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Building a computer: Help!!

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January 7, 2003 5:52:05 PM

Noobie alert!

I am currently building an Duron system using a gigabyte GA-7ZXE motherboard (VIA KT133A), Duron 1.1GHz and 1 stick of 256Mb 168DIMM PC133 CL3 memory.

I cannot get the system past the memory check. When booting the system hangs at the "Checking NVRAM.." message. The bus speed is currently set to 100MHz. I have replaced both the memory and processor, and tried different DIMM slots.

Please help, I have run out of ideas.

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January 7, 2003 7:27:16 PM

Solved it!

I unplugged all the IDE devices and this fixed the problem. It turns out the problem only occurs when th CD-ROM drive is connected. I suspect this is because it was pulled out of and old 486 machine :) 

January 8, 2003 12:56:56 PM

Can you tell me what operating system you're using? I'd be particularly interested to know if you have anything plugged into your USB ports while you're booting.

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January 8, 2003 6:37:24 PM

This may be something you've already checked and are aware about, but is the jumper set properly for the CD-rom? Is the IDE cable oriented the right way?

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