Windows 7 on my Aspire One

so i installed windows 7 on my aspire one, this was not easy seeing as how the aspire one does not have a cd drive. i also did not have a external cd drive, so had to install it from a 8gig thumb drive. this was a pretty big challenge. this is not my problem however. my real problem is that now that i have 7 on the netbook it keeps locking up. it only seems to be happening when i use the wireless. at first it did not do this (while i was installing drivers) but when i got the wireless internet going it started freezing. this freezing is not a gradually loss in performance either, its just a complete system lockup out of nowhere (ie. mouse lockes up, wont respond to power button). if anyone could please help me so that my efforts are not in vein i would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!!
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    If there is a newer Windows 7 driver available for the wireless... grab it... otherwise the latest Vista driver should work.
  2. i think i have the most latest drivers for it. not sure if their vista drivers though, my model of aspire one ran on xp never vista. if someone could give me a link to some drivers that would be cool
  3. i dont know, but would any of these vista drivers get my sound working on windows 7
  4. Win 7 uses the same driver model as Vista, so Vista drivers should work if you're having problems with your hardware.
  5. so then instead of looking for windows 7 drivers i should look for vista drivers
  6. Well you should look for Win 7 drivers whenever possible... however, not all manufacturers will have Win 7 drivers available or their Win 7 drivers won't function properly. In that case, Vista drivers will be the next best thing.
  7. cool then i shall begin hunting for the drivers
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