HDD Raid 0 Upgrade to SSD

I currently run
windows 7 Premiem on
2 1gb RPM S-ATA Drives in Raid 0 (i have over 50 new games installed)
i am upgrading my OS drive to a SSD in a few days
can i simpley install windows on the new drive
set it to boot from ssd from bios
and continue to use my HHDs in Raid 0 for the main part of my games
because i have way more games then space on my ssd.
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  1. If you set it up correctly there will be no problem with Win7 on your SSD, however your most of your games will need to be reinstalled. You can and probably should reinstall them to your HDD, and they copy the save game files to the ssd in the corresponding folders.
  2. Actually ALL my games didn't need to be re installed they all run fine on the drives they were on, if i want to to run off the SSD i need to re install them but that wasn't what i asked.
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