M11x vs $650 Build

Here's the deal. I was informed that you can get the Alienware M11x for $649 (after $200 student discount). If you didn't know, now you know (my contribution to Tom's) .

Honestly I don't need that kind of hardware. I'm not looking at gaming, but I am interested in computing power and long battery life (M11x = 8hrs) , and really expect the M11x to handle what I throw at it: multiple windows open (literally 100+), streaming video (1080), Excel, Word, mainly applications and not games.

So I wanted to ask you guys. With a budget of $649, what can you build for:
Computing power
Portability 12"
6-8+hrs battery life

Those are really my selling points at the moment. If you can do it for under, great, but if an M11x for $650 is the best deal that I can get or netbook/laptop that I can put together, please let me know.

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  1. Could really use some help and advice on this. I was told that the sale will end soon, and would like to jump on it, if it is indeed the best deal.
  2. If your not looking for gmaing,the M11x handles everything I have for it,although if your looking to run multiple CPU heavy programs,DO NOT get the core 2 duo.
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