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I have the following setup for home computer that will be used for DV editing using Avid Express DV:

RAID 0 (C-Drive) pair of 80 meg WD drives ATA 133
RAID 0 (single drive)
RAID 0 (single drive)

My mobo resticts RAID to the above so I'm thinking about creating an additional array using XP software. I have the following questions:

(1) Can I create a software-based RAID using my D: and E: drives above if they are already considered "striped" by my mobo?

(2) I have OS and programs on C:, I'm thinking about putting DV output on new RAID (created from D: and E:) - do I also put Windows swap here?
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  1. Not sure on using the XP software on top of what your motherboard provides for RAID but I have a question. Since you are using RAID zero I assume you are going for speed. RAID zero does that with no ability to recover from HD failures (you lose one you lose all). Have you thought of using RAID 1, give up a little speed but have a better reliability/recovery ability?
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