Portable Laptop with Gaming in Mind

Budget: Up to $1000 (Canadian)

Size: Between 10 and 15 inches

Resolution: 16:9 / 16:10 ratio at minimum 1366x768

Portable or Desktop replacement: Portable

Battery Life: As much as possible, m11x claims 7 hours so I'll assume somewhere around there?

Games?: Yes, I would like to play at highest possible settings on whatever the resolution is for MW2, BC2 (unlikely to happen), etc. (Most FPSs)

Other tasks?: Watching movies, browsing websites

Storage?: Not much, but at a minimum 100GB (Prefer 500 if possible)

Specific sites?: No, but as I am Canadian I would prefer something listed with Canadian dollars

Time Frame for Keeping Laptop: Doesn't have to be very future proof, but durability and reliability are very important to me. Let me say 3 years.

ODD?: As long as there is one dvd drive, CAN be external USB.

Brands?: The place I work at only buys Toshiba Satellites for using them as work machines, so my knowledge is unrelated, therefore no preference.

Country: Canada

Add. Info.: Basically I have some spare monies to have a machine that is very portable. I was toying with the idea of a very small tower, but was later convinced to go with a laptop for the ability to be unplugged for long periods of time. I would rather play at a lower resolution with all the goodies turned on, but the resolution must be the native for the monitor. The touchpad is not too important as I plan to carry around a mouse with me, but conversely the keyboard must be good. I do not like Macs, but my brother totes his around in one hand all day long with barely a charge, which is basically my intention, but I like to play video games a lot.

If my information is wrong, or clarification is needed, please let me know. I would rather get flamed, or unrelated help than have this thread accumulate many views with 0 replies.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. There aren't any other gaming laptops with 7hrs of battery life(or close to it),so if you need that much battery life,then M11x is your only choice.
    It can handle MW2 and BC2 fine on medium settings.
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  3. Thanks for the replies:

    Maziar - I see, what is a sort of average battery life time for a "portable" (non desktop-replacement) laptop then? I may need to change my expectations.

    amk09 - Looks pretty sweet, any idea what the battery life is and what the quality is like/how reliable MSI is?

    Any and all help is welcome!
  4. Battery life is around 3 hours, but when your gaming you should have it plugged in anyways so you can get full performance. MSI is a quality company and that laptop right there shows why, they provide the best parts for the lowest prices.
  5. The average battery life of gaming laptops is between 1-4hrs(depending on the model)
    MSI GX640 is a good choice;however, like amk09 mentioned it has a battery life of 3-4hrs(for non gaming purposes)
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