Buying new CPU, pelase help

Hi, I currently have a AMD XP 2400+ cpu, and want to upgrade to the highest possible one my Mobo can support.

my mobo is: ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe (MoBo)

So I have 2 questions:

1. Which is the best one I can buy for it?

2. Where is a good website that sells them? (I usually buy from newegg but they seem to be lacking on cpu's)
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  1. your mb supports all AXPs, so up to 3200+.

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  2. Since that mobo can dish alot of juice, go find yourself a Mobile barton 2500-2600 chip. Those can be easily OCed to about 2.5ghz, pending if you have good ram. Im not certain if newegg still has some but I ususally got mine from ebay. There is nothing better than a Mobile Barton chip for that mobo.

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  3. Found some On newegg:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Clicky </A>

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  4. so I should buy the 3200 then?
  5. No, grab a Mobile Barton (2500 or 2600) and just set it to 2.2ghz. They can do 3200 at lower voltages and can could go possibly higher even if you have crappy ram. What kind of ram do you have?

    <i><font color=red>Only an overclocker can make a computer into a convectional oven.</i></font color=red>
  6. I have 2x512(Dual-channel) PC2700 Ram, i think the brand is kingston.
    But I don't O'clock, because I don't know that much about computers and I dont want to break mine.
  7. guys, PLEASE HELP! i have no idea how to navigate this site..its strange. but heres my story

    im building probably the fastest gaming computer out there. im starting with the p4 3.0 ghz dual core, with the best asus dual SLI mother board out there. gonna run 4 gigs of ram, corsair xms, 5400 667 mhz. 2 bfg 7800 gtx oc [dual SLI] 2 74 gb sata western digital raptors. 2 samsung 930B's for dual monitor support. kool lance [think i spelled it right] for water cooling, and audigy HD sound card. my only real question is the POWER SUPPLY. everyone is telling me this thing requires ALOT of power, espeically with all the components i have already purchased. can i run all this with a 650 watt SLI approved power supply? or do i need something bigger? plz send private messages, i think i can access those alot easier =p. and what is your thoughts of over clocking these components.
  8. intel dual core and gaming don't mix, to tell the turth dual core and gaming don't mix at all right now because most games are made for single core and with most dual core can't perform as fast as a single core processor (being toned down and put onto one die), now intel is just bad for games so go amd if this rig is for gaming, if there is no budget limit (Assuming you want to overclock with the water cooling) get a DFI LanParty nForce4 SLI-DR, AMD FX-57, some dual channel 2x 512 PC4000 RAM (i recommand OCZ gold VX series), 2 7800 GTX, some HDD, if you wish to have a really good souround sound get a good sound card otherwise the onboard sound is good, 650 Watt is kinda overkill with good brand (seems to me that is, unless ya plan to up grade and do massive OCing) , make sure that your brand of power supply is like antec or enermax (the two brand that i'd know, check out the psu forum for a more detailed list) and since i'm no expert at water coolign can;t help ya there.
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