What's the best deal for $1300 and under?

Hello. I'm choosing a gaming laptop, that should have a decent video card and a nice CPU. i7 Q-series sound nice, but anyway...

So, games to be played on it: Mafia II, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, COD:MW2/BO, Medal of Honor (maybe, not sure yet), and some basic ones, like Wolfteam, and stuff...

Looking for a good gaming laptop so that price was low, performance - high. Of course, playing Mafia with all settings high is not real on any card today, I guess, but somewhere on Med might work. So, any ideas? I have one, but it has i5:

Toshiba X505-Q892. How do you like it? What's its benchmark? Is it sold in-stores or only online?

The reason I'm asking for $1300 or lower gaming laptop is that I'm on a budget, so can't really afford a "highest-end" laptop. Why laptop? Don't ask. For lots of reasons. College, gaming, chatting, surfing, portability, connectivity, etc. If you have anything more to say, anything that is about laptops is welcome. Anything like "why you need laptop" or "why so little money" are not.
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  1. My opinion, MSI Gaming GX660-053US 15.6-Inch Laptop is a great choice for me
  2. This idea might sound a little out there but, you could drop around $300 on a netbook for chatting, surfing, portability, connectivity, etc... and drop the remaining $1000 or so on a desktop for gaming and other activities that would require a more powerful computer. This would really be the way to go if you already had a nice 1080p TV that you could also use as a monitor. Maybe I'm out of my mind tho...
  3. MSI has too small screen with too decent video card. Miss
    Sony has too weak video card, too slow hard drive. Miss
    Desktop+Netbook deal. One word. Miss.
    Come on guys, a deal like gtx 460+i5/i7 should be out there.
  4. no more ideas?
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