Thermalright XP-120 vs. Zalman 7700cu

Heya guys, I need a new heatsink for my new computer and im very confused as to which I should get. Right now I have a Thermalright XP-120 w/ Panaflo 114cfm and the fan just seems too noisy for me. (I can easily get my money back for this if I decide the Zalman would be better. So the fact that I already have one isn't a big factor)

I've heard good things about both, however it seems like the reviews I see online have a wide variety of results. Please let me know your experiences with either and which you think is the better hsf.

P.S. Is the weight of the 7700cu of any concern?
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  1. lol switch the fan first... panaflo 120 mm LOW seems to be good, there are others i'm sure though, the XP-120 is a good cooler and becides its using heatpipe techology while the 7700Cu is just a large hunk of metal
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