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Protecting my New LCD

I just got an LCD monitor. This is the first LCD display I've ever bought. I've heard so many conflicting reports and arguments as LCD technology has advanced. What exactly is the consensus on screensavers vs sleep mode or is there some other way of preventing pixels from retaining too much color from static images?
And within the world of screensavers, is there something that works best? I've seen photo slideshows, RSS feeds, etc. How about what the XBOX does on a TV by just dimming the image to 50% of its brightness?
Thanks for any input guys!
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    Just set it to turn off the screen after whatever time you want, black screen is better than any screensaver. I have not seen LCD screens with burn-in issues really. A very few, but that's in settings where they are on 24 hrs a day. Actually I've seen more issues with the more expensive IPS based LCD screens than with the cheaper TN screens.
  2. Interesting... well, I've got an IPS screen. I also thought that just turning it off when I get up for a long time is best. But I hear things about the taskbar and quick launch bar. That's why I asked.
  3. If the display is on, the taksbar is always there and static. But if the screen shuts off after a certain time, no worries. Set the screensaver to Blank or anything really, will be fine. Or set the power management to turn off the screen after the same amount of time.
  4. the best thing you can do for your monitor is to turn it off at the end of your normal usage patterns. if that is not an option then having the monitor screen go black upon power save is the next best thing. a good time limit is 10-15 minutes of inactivity unless you use it for movies in which case 30-60 minutes.

    the only lcd monitors which i believe were easily succeptible to burn in were the very first ones. also note that crt screens of the same era were also succeptible to burn in.

    i agree that you shouldnt have any burn in issues unless the screen is on a static image constantly. even when using a pc monitor for 9 hours a day there shouldnt be burn in.


    before i started using a television as a screen i used an ips monitor. whenever i get up for a long period of time (30 minutes or more) i shut down my whole system, monitor included. if you are away then there really is no use wasting power. consider that your pc can be drawing 330w+ just sitting there doing nothing isnt it worthwhile to rethink the "always on pc" ?
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  6. IPS monitors can get "pixel memory." It looks like screen burn(and happens a lot faster), but goes away if you turn it off for an hour or so.
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