Please compare these two laptops!!!

I've been looking for a new laptop that has relatively powerful spec(at least the one with gpu) and long battery life. And, i came up with these two ASUS laptops.

ASUS ul30vt

ASUS ul35jc

I notice that these two models have similar specs except cpu and gpu.
ul30vt has intel su7300 1.3ghz(low-power consuming also low heat) and
switchable nvidia g210m, and its battery lasts about 11hours.

ul35jc has intel i3-370m 2.4ghz and switchable nvidia g310m. and its battery lasts about 10hours.

Also, ul35jc is $100 more expensive than ul30vt.
more cpu and gpu power worth $100?
Also, would ul35jc have more heat than ul30vt noticably?

ps. if you have other recommending laptops similar to these, please let know them too.
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  1. I'd say that the i3 and the 310m are worth the extra $100- not a bad deal really. I wouldn't worry about the heat that the i3 produces, as it is made on a new, smaller process, which in turn reduces heat.
  2. +1^
    The second one has a faster CPU and VGA,and its worth the extra cash.
  3. the su7300 is annoying. I agree with the i3 choice.
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