Solide state drive for Asus G51VX-RX05

im getting a new hard drive and i was thinking about getting a solid state and i just wanted to know what one is the best
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  1. That depends on a few things. Does your current computer have 2 hard drive bays or are you going to have to replace the current drive.

    My wife's Dell Studio 17 had a 2nd bay and I moved her 250GB 5400 RPM drive to bay 2 as a media drive and simply installed an Intel X25-V 40 GB as an OS drive. Gave it quite the speed upgrade.
  2. i have to replace the current one
  3. Well take a look at your current drive usage to get a feel for how much caacity a new SSD would need.

    Also consider a small form factor external drive if you use more than 100 GB.
  4. all i really use it for is car tuning and the internet
  5. How big is the car tuning software?
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