OEM license questions - Imageing Vs Custom install Disk

Hi Guys,

I got 25 P.c's coming[all the same config - X4 2.8Ghz/4Gb ddr3]... All will have Windows 7 Pro OEM. But we like to image our p.c's and have one upto date image for all the p.c's across the floor.

But as i understand it. The OEM license is paired to the MoBo serial number????

So what would be the best/easier way of having one OS disk all up to date and with the drivers for the 25 p.cs ready to go.

If we can still image one complete and ready to go p.c with all the office, skype,...,bla,bla, already installed...
that would make my life much better, as we turn these p.c around a lot.

Any help would be G.R.E.A.T!

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  1. Not sure of the licence for use with Pro but the tl you need is Windows AIK (Administrator Instalation Kit) for windows 7 from Microsoft.

    It allows you to change an image and add any software or drivers and then after putting the image on the target PC it will run the windows welcome and ask you to enter the serial etc.

    The AIK is avalible free from MS here
  2. Yeah, otherwise you have to manually change the key once you install it, and prevent the PCs from contacting ol MS before you did so lest you end up with one less key.
  3. Install on one disc, When you get to the welcome screen to enter a user name, hit ctrl, shift, F3 it will reboot in admin mode. Install all software and drivers. Run sysprep and it will be ready to clone to another drive for a different pc. It will take you through the oobe and you can manually enter the product key.

    It would have been smarter to buy a technet subscription, and you would of had lots of keys for $349, you woulda had office keys also. And with 3 keys you could have activated all 25 of your computers. Each key is good for 10 activations, and you get 10 keys for all versions of M$ software. You would have had 100 activations for each version of windows or office for way less money.
  4. ok, thx for the info guys.

    @daship: getting a technet subscription, get us keys... right ok. Got it.
    But how does this affect re-install after a few weeks or months. I just dont want to lock the keys???
  5. BTW... we have not bought the systems yet. have to place an order this week or the next...
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