How to format a write protected Micro SD card?

I've opened the SD card.It showed on file;saved from Adobe Reader(PDF file);
a form I needed to print out fora company drug screening test.I right clicked on F file once I inserted the SD card to see this file on it.Opted for a quick format,but message said this file was"WRITE PROTECTED".How do I work around this problem?hanks :hello:
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  1. There should be a little switch on the left hand side of the SD card. Move it to opposite the position that it is currently in.

    If that doesn't work, it might be the card is encrypted for a particular reason.
  2. Thanks for the advice.I made sure switch was in the up direction,to open the contents of the sd card.The file that was there,I right clicked on it,to deleted it,then did did a quick format.Check contents.No file found.SD card clean. :ange:
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