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Battery Not Charging (Aspire 6920)

I updated my Acer Aspire 6920 to Win 7 when it came out, yet my battery has never been able to get a charge. At first I thought it was a firmware issue so I downloaded and updated every utility for my laptop, yet, no go. So Believing it was a battery issue I received a replacement from Acer itself. Still, no charge,

My laptop It recognizes them, it says “charging” but no charge is happening. It's stuck at "49%".

Help!? >.<
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    I assume you can use the notebook when connected to your AC power adapter, is that correct? If so, there is a defect between the internal power system and the battery itself. Make sure the battery contacts are clean and are making good contact with the notebook. If that doesn't help, you may need to have the notebook serviced.
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