Brand new g73 got a question

ok just went to best buy and got there asus g73 1600x900 i7 720m 500g standard dvd drive

ya i know the one straight from asus or newegg is 1920x1080 but those are the ones i herd had problems and i didnt want to deal with that or not having a place to take it to fix or replace it. best buy has 15 day replacement no questions asked and a cheap 1 year replacement thing so i went with that

besides on a 17.3 in screen how big of a difference could 1600x900 to 1920x1080 make

i saw a few sights that had guidelines on stuff like

---what stuff to delete what stuff to keep
---where to get the newest downloads and what ones to get

and stuff like that but i cant find any of them now can you guys help me with that.
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  1. First of all congrats on your purchase :)
    Well if it came with some bloatware pre-installed,then perform a clean installation of windows and you'll be fine.
    As for drivers,get the latest chipset drivers from and latest AMD drivers from
  2. congrats on the laptop. I have a G73jh-A1 (the 17" one) and you have to use the WHQL graphic drivers that came with the system. there is a whole tone of threads on ASUS' website about this...I think they are still using catalyst cannot just switch to 10.9 will grey-screen you. also get rid of the bloatware...ASUS puts tons on...and back up windows.
  3. woops

    well i tryed to play ffxiv and it wouldnt even start so i downloaded 10.8 off ati and then it worked so idk
  4. what about this vs flash thing i hear it goes all the way up to 10.8 drivers and fixes gsod

    where do you get it and how do you download it.
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