High disk activity and stuck at welcome screen

I have been facing this weird issue since this evening. Whenever I boot win7 it gets stuck on the welcome screen and one thing I noticed the HDD activity i too high and it remains like that.
I leaved it for around 1 hour and still it is stuck on welcome screen and HDD activity is still damn high.
Never faced this before please help.
Also I ran startup repair, no help.
even safe mode gets stuck at welcome screen with high HDD activity.
System: Acer Aspire 5755G
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  1. Make a Hirens boot cd and test the hard drive:

  2. Sounds like you've either got some bad sectors on your HDD or your system files are corrupt. Try to boot from your Windows 7 installation DVD, click repair option and then click Command Prompt. There, type 'chkdsk c: /b /x' and after that 'sfc /scannow' (without the ' ').

    Edit: Your system drive might not be C:, so when you get to command prompt check if there are Windows and Program Files folders by typing 'dir'. If not, check D:, E: and so on until you find those folders and then replace the c: with the letter you've found the system folders in.
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