My new comp (please comment)

So I've been saving up money over the summer to buy a new computer. I've also been doing my research on hardware and have narrowed down the list of parts to the point where I think I'm just about ready to order. But before I do I'd like a little feedback. Here's the computer I plan on putting together:

All prices in Canadian an all taken from

Case: SilverStone Temjin 5 $170
Mobo: Lanparty NF4 UT Ultra-DR $180
PSU: TruePower 550W 550W ATX 2.04 $119
CPU: Athlon 64 x2 4400+ $665
HSF: Zalman CNPS7000A-CU $42
Video: eVGA GeForce 7800 GTX $730
HD: Western Digital WD2500KS 250G SATA-II 16M $165
DVD: Plextor 716A 16x DVD-/+RW $148
OS: WinXP Pro OEM $160

TOTAL + Tax = $2860.26

PLUS the following will be moved from my current system into the new one:

Western Digital WD1000BB
Western Digital WD1200JB
Sound Blaster Audigy
Sony CPD-G520 21" CRT

These prices are all from one site mainly for convenience sake, I won't necessarily buy all the stuff from atic but their prices are hard to beat here.

I've been a long time Plextor fan which is why I list the drive there but I also know that there are a lot of over very good drives by other manufacturers out there now that are much cheaper and it's possible I might go with one of them. Also what would you have to say about the PSU I selected I don't know anything about it expect that Antec is a good brand. The memory I have in there is just the cheapest name brand 1Gig stick I could find, I am not overclocking my system but at the same time I don't know the quality of that either. Any suggestions? I can go up to about 3000 Canadian but no higher.

I've been working at 7-11 to save up for this over the summer, from here on out all my money goes to university funds. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Locut0s on 08/13/05 02:17 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. I'm assuming for the PSU you meant Truepower II 550W? If so, I've had mine for a month now and no issues, and I'm running about the same system you are. The PSU is very quiet, my maxtor is louder than it. You mentioned you weren't overclocking, so I don't see a big need to buy another hsf. I would just buy the X2 retail. As for the evga card, a lot of people have been having issues with it. I would look into BFG or XFX. Both offer pre-oc'd cards so you can get the oc with warranty (lifetime on bfg). Of course I don't know what the website you looked at offers so those may not be options. Btw do you plan on using this computer for a mix of everything? School work/gaming/video apps?
  2. If not OCing, dont get the DFI board. They like the extra voltages, and are tougher to set up. Look at what options you want, and check the Abit boards.
    Another place to check is <A HREF="" target="_new">anitec</A> Thier prices are quite often very good.
  3. Yeah it's the Antec Truepower II. The reason for getting the Zalman cooler is not for cooling but because I want a quieter system. My current system uses a stock AMD HSF and it has some problems, occasionally it's as loud as a jet engine, I think the bearings are going.

    And yes I'll be using it for a mix of things, school work, games, 3D graphics (raytracing), web site design, video encoding, etc...

    Thanks for the heads up about possible problems on the eVGA card, can you be more specific as to what problems? All the review sites seem to praise it.
  4. I like the flexibility of the DFI and don't mind setting it up. In fact I'm thinking of getting the DFI SLI version of that board.
  5. I'll be using it for a mix of things, school work, games, 3D graphics (raytracing), web site design, video encoding, etc...
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