7750 1gb ddr5 vs 7750 2gb ddr3

Hello guys,
what are the difference of this 2 cards in performance for gaming?? XFX RADEON 7750 1gb ddr5 or SAPPHIRE 7750 2gb ddr3??
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  1. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the more memory needed by the graphics. Now RAM speed does influence the gaming speed. I think, @ 1920x1080, I would rather have 1 GB of faster(DDR5) ram than 2 GB of slower(DDR3) ram.
  2. 1 GB GDDR5 is going to be better than 2 GB DDR3 95% of the time with that graphics card. The last 5% of the time it's not going to matter either way.
  3. That card is going to run out of processing power before memory with 1GB installed and the DDR5 is going to make it faster as well.
  4. tnx guys, it helps.. :)
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