PC Typing The Letter 'Q' Without Keyboard Plugged in!

Has anyone ever heard of this?

I think it may be a keylogger, but I'm not sure...

At random, it will enter in one, or two 'Q's periodically, and at random.

So at first, I thought it might of been the keyboard, I cleaned out the letter, plugged it in, but once I unplugged it, it changed the entire theory.

Please, any advice would be helpful. Trying to avoid a reformat if I can, and for once, google wasn't able to help! haha, thanks guys!
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  1. Virus ?
  2. Does your PC make the same thing, when you have unplugged your mouse too?
  3. is the keyboard wireless? did you have another one of the same model, that is on a shelf behind you with somthing resting on the q key...
  4. The Great Randini: No, it is hard wired, Microsoft Sidewinder.

    helpstar: Idk, I will try it next

    Brett928S2: Possibly
  5. Possibly being contacted by the Q Continuum from Star Trek. I'd take them up on it if they offer you unlimited super powers.
  6. Is the connection USB or PS/2?
  7. I have the same problem. This damn "q"! My laptop keyboard is a PS/2 but i use a USB one. I unplugged it but no change.
  8. Clean your Laptop keyboard, there could be dust and dirt underneath the keys. You should disassemble the keyboard, to clean it and look after the correct fitting of the keyboard flex cable. On youtube are how to´s.
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