"Access Denied" After copying a folder from old XP to W7


I just did an install of W7 on a new partition. I was trying to carry my Firefox settings from XP to the new install in W7. I followed some instructions I found online and copied the Profile folder for FF and merged/replaced it with the one in W7.

Now the Mozilla Profiles folder is read only, and I get an "Access Denied" message if I try to change it. I also can not "take ownership" of the folder or change any of the security options...

Any ideas?

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  1. Run the explorer as admin. To do so type "explorer" in the startmenu search (don´t hit enter), right click on explorer and click "run as admin".
    Then try again to take ownership of the folder.
  2. go to the old pc, change ntfs permissions to "everyone" (under security tab)
    copy it over

    install windows 7 easy transfer on old pc.
    run and collect data from the users you want to have on new pc.

    the problem is (i think) that the user name on the old pc and the username on the new pc are different or the homegroup or domain are different.
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