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i'm running an Intel pentium 4 E 3ghz on a MSI 865PE Platinum motherboard and iv'e been encountering some problems lately.

Althought it ain't really a major problem, I find it odd that whenever I start a multimedia application, my fan speed will jump from 2ks RPM to 6ks and even 7ks.... now I know this might be normal for some cpu demanding games but after I close the application, it doesn't go back to being in the 2ks... and it's really annoying because it makes so much noise

The only way to stop it is to open the MSI core center and for some reason, the RPM drops almost instantly

Is there a way I can make it so I don't need to open core center everytime? Or is my system running too hot (usually the cpu is around 50c and case 44-45c when the RPMs increase
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  1. your case temp is the culprit. I went through the same thing here in my new apartment for most of august where my case temp jumped from 19C in a cold basement to 40C in my new place. You also have a fairly hot running chip and it needs to be cooled down. Dont worry though man summer's almost over. If its really a bother get a new hsf with a steady, low RPM fan. I cant even hear my HYPER6 and it does a killer job of cooling my chip even with hot ambients.

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  2. Tell us about your case and fan setup

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