How do i update g73

how do i update my g73 its the 1600x900 one from best buy not the 1080 online/newegg version.

i think i need to update my ati drivers so i can play ffxiv but i dont know how to do that.

and is there anything else i should update??
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  1. For the GPU driver update, head here:

    For all other updates, head here:
  2. ok thanks now how do i replace them exactly

    one sight said to log into safe mode and delete the ati drivers then redownload the new ones
    ---what key do i press to enter the option to enter safe mode if thats how i do it on my hp it was f8 i beleive is it the same here?
    ---now once the new ones are downloaded are they automaticly found by the computer??

    and is the "ati catalyst install manager" the ati drivers or is that somthing different

    and for the processor drivers do i need to delete those also before i update them?? if so what are they called
    ---the only intel things i see are intel management engine components and intel turboboost technology monitor
  3. wooooo ffxiv started up
    ok well i looked and looked and looked and couldnt find an actual ati driver so i said *** it and just downloaded 10.8 and well bam now it works guess there wasnt one to begin with

    the others well im still clewless i clicked your link and theres like 100 of them and each have 3 ways to download so idk
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