How to set front michrophone's panel as default?

I have problem with my microphone... He ''thinks'' that panel for my microphone is on the back. I don't know how to set front panel as default. Anyone can help me? :)
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  1. Did you attach the front panel audio cable from the case to the header on the motherboard? Are they both the same type HD Audio or AC97?
  2. I think that the problem is in the system. When I had XP, it was working. Now I have win7 and my camera and microphone can't work. I don't know what you actually meaned? My english is not so great, I'm not that good in computer's terms..
  3. OK, if it was working on XP and now not on Windows 7 it is probably a driver problem. Sorry to confuse you with technical stuff. You should go to your motherboard's web site and find the download or support section and download your audio driver. Give us your motherboard model and we'll help you find it. You should also find your web-cam manufacturer's site to download the driver for that. If this is a laptop you will go to the laptop manufacturers site for all these drivers....
  4. No, it's not laptop. I have canyon CNR-WCAM43 camera and I found drivers on the canyon site but my computer don't recognize ''usb camera''.
    And how I can know my motherboard model? :)
  5. Look on the motherboard between the PCIe slots near the CPU. Or between the CPU and memory. Or run CPUZ to find out what kind of motherboard you have.
  6. My motherboard is Hewlett-Packard 2820h.
    I hope that it's the right xD
    And what now? :)
  7. You should really look it up by the computer model number, not the motherboard. I found this page that might be your model. Choose the one like your PC and go to Support and Drivers.
  8. I couldn't find that driver. I think that I'm never gonna find solution for my problem xD
    But thanks, anyway :)
  9. Did you look it up by the "Model Number" of your computer? That's the way to find hp drivers.
  10. How I can see Model Number of my computer? :)
  11. It will be on a sticker on the back or bottom (laptop).
  12. It's not laptop, but I think that the model is HpCompaq dc5800 Microtower.
  13. HERE is the link to your drivers for your computer. You need to download the two that are called Driver-Audio and Driver-Chipset. Do the chipset driver first.
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