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i have a problem with Magic Disc. It used to work on another windows 7 and windows XP.
I have windows 7 and i try installing and halfway through the installation this screen pops up: (can't verify the software) I choose the 2nd option (install anyway) and then it installs and when i try to run it it says i need to be an administrator. It just so happens i am the only user on this computer therefore i am the admin. This is the first time it ever said that i should be an admin to run a program. PLEASE HELP ME, I KNOW YOURE AN EXPERT :bounce:

P.S. Sorry for writing this in the wrong section (if), i just thought this site was the only place where i can post my issue, as ajlenze also posted a thread about his issue with magic disc.
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  1. Right click on it and try 'run as administrator.'
  2. Oh, right, sorry, forgot to mention, i tried that, still pops up the screen that i need to be an admin to run it.
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