AMD Athlon 4000 or AMD X2 4200

Hi. I have a doubt here..i want to buy an AMD for playing top games mostly..i just wanted to know if it's worth the X2 4200 or if a amd athlon 4000+ stands up better for the job than the x2 in mention here to play games.
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  1. Just go for the 3700+ San Diego Core. They are great overclockers and can get you past any speeds a 4000+ will with extra money in your pocket.

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  2. 4000+ would be slightly faster in games, but X2 4200+ would be better for heavy multitasking, and if you run multithreaded apps (like audio/video encoding) then X2 4200+ would be lot better than 4000+.

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  3. If you use IM virus scan etc while gaming, the 4200 may be the chip for you.
    If you are used to playing with all background progs killed off, the 4K is the best way.
  4. Dont waste your $$$ on DCs if its just gonna be a gamming rig. You wont see any games that will fully utalize DC chips anytime soon.

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  5. Does the word "future proof" mean anything to anyone? I experimented with my P4c 2600 "with HyperThreading technology" with and without it enabled and when disabled background tasks jam things up good where as switching it on keeps things like antivirus apps buisy on the virtual thread while you can get to work and while playing games like UT2004 it makes it posible to "just" play it with everything on max but thats an older game now so, and dual core is real compared to HT.

    Overclocking - why not just overclock the X2 4200?

    I think currently for gaming the video card is more important, aslong at the cpu is faster then the golden 3000 mark.
  6. Quote:
    dual core cpus dont perform well in games at all

    It's Intel dual core that sucks at games.

    AMD X2 is faster in games than same clock speed single core AMD, especially when user has Antivirus and Firewall running (reviews don't have background apps running).
    MAX framerate with 4000 is higher, and even average FPS is higher, but lowest FPS is higher with X2 4200.
    Second core makes framerates more stable, there is no "chocking" of CPU when background apps need CPU cycles.
    Game levels load faster with dual core CPU.
    2006 we have games based on Unreal 3 engine, and it is using multiple threads.

    So go for X2.

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