VIEWSONIC VX2255WMB with built in webcam

Hello, I'm looking for the web cam driver for:VIEW SONIC Vx2255WMb with built in web cam

On Viewsonic's website note that the web-cam utility say's for XP x64... It also works on an x86 image
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  2. Thanksfor the reply. I did look at that page yesterday and the only webcam driver I see there indicates that it's for XP x64. This machine is running XP SP3 x86. I should have included that in my initial inquiry. I've read several threads on this topic but none had a happy ending :o) Allot of them indicated that the webcam driver is not available via Viewsonic's site...
  3. I'm having a slow day today so I decided to take another poke at this issue from the bottom of my to do list. I went back back to Viewsonic's website and downloaded the camera driver and utility that specifies itself as an x64 driver/utility. I used a sacrificial lamb to load it on (XP SP3 x86) in the event the x86 OS didn't play well with an x64 driver/utility. It loaded w/o any problem and the camera actually has good image quality. So I went ahead and loaded it on the client's machine, same result, works fine. It would be nice if Viewsonic didn't ID the SW as XP x86 and XP x64 compatible. But then we dont live in a perfect world. Thanks for steering me back to Viewsonic and making me look like rock star !!
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