Is my windows 7 ultimate genuine confused ?

Hi, i recently installed windows 7 ultimate however on the system properties it says it is an invalid product key, but, if I say buy a new produt key which it opens a web browser and varifys i windows is genuine. It says mine is genuin on the microsoft site but not in the system prperties tap in my computer ? so is it genuine or not ?
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  1. When in doubt, call the Activation hotline and have then check the product key. When it tells you it's not genuine, it should give you an option to get a set of phone numbers you can call.
  2. did you run the windows updates and the online widows gen tool??
  3. I was able to get windows 7 service pak 1 and all the updates.
  4. seems like you don't any real problems. Windows Genuine has never perfect (has anything?)
  5. I just want to make sure it will not lock my system down when the 30 days are up. because microsoft's vrification says its genuine.
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