Which CPU perform better?

Intel Pentium-4 531 and Intel Pentium-4 630. Both of them are 3.0GHz, so which one perform better and which one is much cooler~ range of temperature (Temperature is most important, I want to build up a barebone system. ) Thx everyone.^^
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  1. The 630 is the one you want. It out performs the 530 and is much cooler.

    ASUS P5WD2 Premium
    Intel 3.73 EE @ 5.6Ghz
    XMS2 DDR2 @ 1180Mhz

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    SuperPI 25secs
  2. It still follows intels golden rule - higher is faster, and the first number is series and the second number is model, the 500 series features 1mb L2 cache where the 600 series featureas 2mb L2 cache, but there are a few more diffrences like speedstep-like throttling etc which i think both of em are the same that u listed.
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