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I'm looking for a decent gaming laptop. I have looked on, and have found the Mobility 4870 to be the best of the Mobility ranks. I know the 5000 series came out for laptops however I'm looking for one that isn't to costly. Budget pretty much limited to $900. I'm looking at playing L4D2, Dirt2, and NFS Hot Pursuit (2010 release) on mid to high settings. Does anyone happen to know of a laptop with a 4870, or something a little better.I'm willing to sacrifice some graphics for quad or tri-core, cause I'm hoping to get a newer one. Hoping for maybe a 15" screen, not looking for a huge laptop. But again I'm looking more for performance than convenience since it will be moved in a backpack.

Edit: I kind of like this, MSI GX640-260US. Would it be worth going $200 over budget for this? I'm just wondering if this will play my games at mid to high settings.
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    Have a look at this one for comparison's sake:

    Also check out the link in my sig for updated GPU/CPU benchmarks.
  2. Thank you. The chart helped me find one.
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