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my new acer aspire "one" is refusing to allow a wireless connection to the web - it tells me i should activate the wireless capability by moving the switch on the front of the machine - no matter what way the switch goes it just displays the wireless symbol with a large red cross over it - whereas before it used to display without the cross showing enabled - why would it suddenly not allow this - how can it be fixed?
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  1. Check Windows Settings, Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager and see if the wireless adapter is listed or is yellow flagged as faulty. If faulty, highlight it and look for an option to update the driver.

    Especially, if you have updated the Windows Service Pack recently you may need a new driver -- check the Acer support site for that.

    Of course, it is possible that the wireless adapter has failed -- if under warranty contact Acer.
  2. First. Uninstall your current wireless driver
    Restart system
    Download new driver
    Restart system
    Now should works
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