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So I've been trying to transfer my 20GB of music to my new PC. I wasn't able to get the PC to see the mac with an ethernet cable, the mac found the PC but wasn't able to connect to it... anyways I transfered my music to my external harddrive.
The problem is when I connect it, it acknowledges that i have an external hard drive connected - it shows up under device's (and printers). But I do not see the HD's icon under My Computer

Moreover, I actually have 2 internal HD's but only 1 shows up. So its questionable. Thanks for you time guys!
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  1. Also I've used both firewire 1394 and USB. I get the same results: acknowledgement that i have it connected and shows up under device's but i am unable to check the contents.

    The driver is "up to date".

    So I went into computer management and I got the 2nd HD to be recognized.

    Right now, I see the external HD and I am able to only select "New Simple Volume..."
    Now the question is would that erase my HD?

    I have at least 150 movie's and over 5,000 songs that I don't want to lose...

    I don't have it backed up anywhere so I cannot afford to lose it.
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