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Hi guys I have a question that may be somewhat unprofessional but I just never deal with this kind of things before. I own a computer repair shop and there are many superb PC tools that I use on daily basis like Ultimate Boot CD that have pretty much every tool needed for hardware diagnostics from memory and hard drive to operating system and viruses. Now I am looking for something like that for a MAC. I did a little research and I got myself a Disk Warrior that should take care of my hard drive part of a problem. Also from what I understand there is Apple hardware testing CD that's available now for new intel-based new macs it looks like this Hardware test tools for new computers are on MAc OSX DVD that comes with computer and I do not have original DVD for every model available. So my question is: Is there are tools on retail OSX CD and in general you see what I am talken about may be someone can recommend me a DISK or some custom stuff that I can use with all that MAC that I am starting to get. Anywhere from Powerbook G4 to new i7's that came out few weeks ago.

Thank you very much guys !
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    If you look around the 'Net, you can find several versions of Apple Diagnostics Disks for multiple versions for multiple platforms. That is where I would start. You can also contact Apple directly and they may be able to direct you as well.

    Good luck!
  2. As a side note, neither the extended Apple Hardware Test that came with my MacBook Pro nor Disk Utilities alerted me to bad sectors on my hard drive that were discovered when I took my MBP to the Genius bar. Apple Care later told me that the diagnostic software Apple provides won't necessarily pick up everything.
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