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I have an epson sx610fw which i have just run the initial setup for on my new computer. I have run the initial setup on the printer and it went fine until I tried to connect it wirelessly. This is the main reason I got this printer as I have to have it the other side of my room. The printer has connected the network fine and I have found it in the device connection list on my router page. But everytime I try and install it on the computer it can't find it
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  1. Hi jammieb,

    I would suggest you to try the following steps:

    Step 1: Run the Printer troubleshooter and then test, follow the steps mentioned in the link below

    Step 2: Make sure the printer is set as default.

    1. On the Windows taskbar, click on the start button, click Control Panel, and then click Printers. The Printers folder opens.
    2. Look for a green check mark next to your Printer This check mark indicates which product is the default printer for Windows.

    Also make sure the printer is not paused or offline.
    1. On the print queue menu bar, click Printer, and then look for the Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline items in the menu.
    2. Make sure that there is no check mark next to either item. If a check mark displays next to either item, click to clear it.


    If the issue persists,
    Step 3: Next, try up****** the printer driver on your computer. Printer problems sometimes stem from out-of-date driver software, and can be solved by installing—or reinstalling—the latest driver.
    Hence, I would also suggest you to remove the hardware, uninstall the software and drivers, then reboot the system and reinstall the latest drivers for the printer from the manufacturer’s site and check.
    Epson SX610FW Driver

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