Alienware m15x bluetooth issue

I have an Alienware m15x,
Bluetooth will not connect and bluetooth settings is inop. Clicking does nothing. I ran every diagnostic and removed and reinstalled drivers. Diag shows all is good but even the bluetooth icon will drop off the taskbar within 10 minutes.
Unfortunately I did not get the extended warranty and is now 13 months old. Alienware support was useless even though I paid the $65 for tech support. Shame on me for not trying to connect a bluetooth headset until now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Check out Dell/Alienware's support site and see if there is a bluetooth wizard or something along those lines. Perhaps reinstalling or installing it for the first time will get things working. For $65, I'd expect the problem to be fixed. I'd call back and complain.
  2. I called back alienware support and they refunded the money. They suggested reinstalling windows from scratch.
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