AMD 3200+ vs 3700+

I am building a new system and wanted to get your input on these two chips:
1. 3200+ Venice
2. 3700+ San Diego
I am willing to overclock a little (though I am a n00b at it, so I am not good at it). I have a xp-90 with a panaflo coming to cool the cpu.
Any opinions or info would be appreciated.
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  1. Well if you got the $$$ and bent on the extra cache then get the San Diego chip. Otherwise get the venice 3000 or Venice 3200. Just make sure you have good ram if you plan on OCing.

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  2. What are you going to use the system to do? Game, video/audio work, surfing the net? What are the rest of your system specs? What's your budget for the system?

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  3. Mostly, I browse the web and email, which I understand would be very little difference between the two. However, I do edit video here and there, and do play the occassional game.
    The rest of my system is as follows:
    MSI K8N Neo 4 SLI
    1 GB Corsair RAM
    Connect3D 800XL Video Card
    SB Audigy Sound Card (might not use b/c of onboard sound)
    Coolermaster Real Power RS-450-ACLY PSU
    Coolermaster Centuiron CAC-T05-WW Case
    WD 160GB SATA II Hard Drive
    Lite On DVD-ROM
    NEC 3540A DVD-RW
    Hyundai L90D+ LCD
    Thermalright X-90 with L1B Panaflo Fan

  4. For your usage the listed system may be overkill. I'll go down your list and comment...
    1. I personally don't like/recommend MSI mobos. I'd say go with the Abit AN8 Ultra or the Epox 9NPA+.
    2. 1GB Corsair. Assuming this is the Value Select series, then just don't pay significantly more for the Corsair than you would for comparable Mushkin or Patriot.
    3. Save about $100 and get an X800 - non XL. With the gaming you do, this card should be more than sufficient.
    4. <A HREF="" target="_new">Antec Sonata II</A> instead of the Coolermaster case/PSU.
    5. Use onboard sound. If it's not good enough for you, then get a card.
    6. AMD retail box stock HSF are really good HSFs. Save the money from the XP-90.
    The rest looks good.

    EDIT: Guess I should have answered the original question, too...3200+ is good enough for your usage.

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  5. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.
    Couple follow ups for you.
    1. I will take a look at the epox mobo. Had good luck with MSI in the past, but I will look at that as well. The abit has too many mixed reviews that I am a little mixed about it.
    2. Yep, this is the corsair value select series. Got wonderful reviews on so I thought I would give it a shot.
    3. The 800xl is $229 right now at tigerdirect. Seems like a really good deal, but are there certain x800s you would recommend? I do have HL2 and Doom3 so I am into games; I just don't play them a ton on the computer.
    4. I am not a fan of the antec case, and I already got a really good deal on the current case and psu ($75 shipped for both new).
    5. I already have the sb audigy sound card, so that is why I am curious if I should use it. Otherwise, it would just gather dust (or I can see if my brother wants it in his computer).
    6. I was going to go with OEM. The venice 3200+ is $155 at ewiz and the x-90 with fan is only $39 shipped, so I figured that for the same price as a retail cpu, I can have a much better cooling setup (esp. since I may try a little overclocking - not sure on that yet though).
    I know that this is a little overboard, but I figure I would rather have something decent and not mess with it for a little while (1-2 years at least).
    Thanks for all you advice! Please let me know if my reasoning is sound and if you do have any advice on a smooth load.
  6. 1. Both the Epox and Abit are great boards. Do you have links to the mixed reviews you saw on the Abit? I've had bad experiences with MSI personally - and I've seen a lot of other people with the same types of issues. IMHO - their QA sucks.
    2. Most of the major brand Value series of RAM is of similar quality/performance. In the value sereis I would base my purchase prmarily on price and then on mfr.
    3. Is that $229 after a rebate? What manufacturer? Tigerdirect is horrible about rebates so I would be careful with them and rebates. If you have the money and don't mind putting it into your computer, then the X800XL is a great card and you will be more than satisfied with the purchase.
    4. Cases are about preference. As long as you have good airflow and the features/look you want, then go for it. I haven't seen any hardcore reviews on that Coolermaster PSU. I would only caution that the PSU is the backbone of any system and not to skimp on this part. It looks like you got a great deal on the prices - I hope the PSU works like a champ!
    5. If you have the Audigy, then use it. I just wouldn't spend the extra dough to get one. Modern onboard sound is exceptional and only takes away a little performance.
    6. The least expensive 3200+ Venice that I found on <A HREF="" target="_new">Ewiz</A> was a retail for $186.94 - you got a clicky to your find? Maybe they're just out of the OEM versions.
    7. The sock HSF should be good to an OC of about 2.5 - 2.6Ghz. That's a really good OC on stock cooling and the XP-90 won't take you much further than that. I'm not saying the XP-90 is bad. I think it's a great HSF and will more than likely have better cooling and be more quiet. Just look at the performance/dollar - if it's cool for you, then go for it. That's actually a good price for the XP-90 with fan/shipping. What type of fan? dB/RPM/CFM rating?

    I think you'll be more than happy with this system for at least a couple of years.

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  7. 1. Most reviews I read are from the anandtech forums and I actually asked them what they thought: msi vs abit and if I remember correctly, every single person said MSI of the two.
    2. The corsair was also the best price, so I am glad that I did that.
    3. R
    I don't like tigerdirect either, but since no rebate is involved, it seems like a great deal.
    4. I haven't seen a lot of reviews on the psu either, but the ones I have seen seemed to like it quite a bit. It is typically a $75 psu and I got it for $32 shipped. The case looks really nice and also got good reviews. It is supposed to be really good for cooling and is quiet, which is another important thing to me.
    5. I will use the audigy then, since I have it. I was just making sure that the onboard (I believe it is a SB Live 7.1 chipset) did not surpass this now somewhat dated card.
    6. Just checked. They must now be oos. I ordered it already so I am ok, and it was $162 shipped.
    7. Again, since I saved $28 going OEM, I was able to essentially get the X90 and panaflo for only $10 more than retail. That seemed well worth $10, not only for the cooling, but for the quietness. I really want this system to be on the quiet side. I had a P4 and the stock fan drove me nuts. Specs to the L1A fan:
    I did get it with the 3 wire connection so I can connect it to the motherboard and have rpm sensing.

    Thanks very much for spending the time in helping me out with this. I really appreciate it!
  8. That's fine. What I did is combine that with this: and came to the conclusion MSI. It seemed there was a consensus there. ;)
  9. MSI designs some very nice boards. Our problem is generally with the production end. Reviewers usually get the "pick of the litter". Those boards are thoroughly tested. The board you get from your supplier may work just as well. It's only some boards that just dont work. We are tired of hearing about, and getting MSI product that should never have left the factory.
    For my part, I do not recommend anything that I believe could cause problems. Chances are, that your MSI experience will be fine. It's just a chance that I personally wont take again (for a while at least), and a chance I would never consider for someone else's money.
    Good luck.
  10. I have used an equal amount of MSI, Abit, & Epox motherboards in my business as a system builder (1000s of systems), and apart from benchmarks, which vary, I have found that MSI boards are the most reliable boards money can buy, alongside Gigabyte. Abit are exceptional for overclocking, but their BIOS updates are not as frequent and they have produced more tech support issues than any other board, so take that information as you wish.

    The onboards sound on that MSI board is the same chip as found on the older SoundBlaster Live! 24bit cards that are currently selling for £20 (about $35) or less, so your Audigy, altho old, is still better. Whether you actually notice any difference is debatable though, so you might choose to not bother and keep the onboard, as that would help with air-flow inside the case.

    With all PSUs, the most important thing to look out for is the rating on the 12v rail - look for at least 20amps, or 15amps on each rail if there are two 12v rails.

    Hope that helps. :)
  11. Umm interesting, thanks for shraing this! I saw greast reviews from MSI too, just never owned any... Id still get a ePox for that system!

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  12. Also need to pay attention to whether the wattage listing is peak or continuous for the PSU. The good mfrs are listing continuous, but there are some less than scrupulous mfrs listing peak.

    I'm glad that you've had a great experiences with MSI boards. I haven't and have seen too may people have the same bad experiences as I have had with their mobos. That is why I won't recommend their products. One of the great things about these boards is the broad range of experiences you will find. I'm basing my recommendations off of my experiences... :smile:

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  13. hey wusy I disagree. Toms has it fair share of old timers and guru's such as yourself. But for the most part Tom's also has alot more noobs on the forum than Anandtech does.

    I also agree that the MSI board are very reliable, but the input will be different per user. Some people get rotten eggs it happends. I've had my fair share of ASUS boards that were crap, and the ones that are excellent, it varies!
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