HP Officejet 6500 wireless says paperjam, but no jam but ink carriadge

I have an HP 6500 wireless. Went to print a shipping label for my ebay account but it says paper jam. I looked and didn't see any such error actually occurring. However when I opened the lid where i place the ink I noticed the ink didn't slide to the middle like usual. I believe that the error is actually because the ink will move across, does anyone know how I can fix this so the ink can move from the FAR RIGHT side. All the HP tutorials I have seen have been of no help. I also just replaced an old XL cartridge with another XL cartridge but I don't think that would be an issue. Please/Thank You for your help.
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  1. are you sure! delete and re-install the printer. Paper jam: the sensor are black, double check to see if the sensors, are out of alignment or broke.
  2. well i tore the whole thing apart and as it turns out one of the plastic gears BROKE OFFFFFF what a hunk of junk I had it for just over a year and of course its out of warranty by 2 months.
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