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Hi, i have been wondering if the native resolution of a laptop affects the gaming performace, let's say a laptop with the same specs but different only in resolution, will the fps between those two laptops different?

Also, im looking to buy alienware m17x with dual ati 5870 with 1400x900 res, or asus g73 with single ati 5870 with 1900x1020 res. I dont mind the money but i want to know what laptop performs better.
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  1. Of course dual ati 5870 will be better, but the notebook itself will be much warmer. G73 has a very efficient cooling system which keeps notebook cool and silent at the same time.

    About resolution - the higher resolution the biger fps drop. I don't think you would see a big difference between 1900x1020 and 1400x900 on 17,3' screen.
  2. If you only want performance, the alienware would be better, but battery life and probably weight will be less. I think the 1400 screen on a 17" monitor is pretty good, a 1900 one will not that much better and the icons/text will be a bit too small for that size screen. That's just my opinion though.
  3. ok, im just wondering about the CF configuration, some guys say a single video card is better than CF due to stutterings and some lags, also what is the nvidia counterpart on par with ati 5870?
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