I have an Epson TX100 printer, around 3.5 years old which stopped working suddenly. It won't recognise any of the ink cartridges, despite me buying a new set, I've tried a few hints to clean the innards and it still doesn't work.
A friend suggested re-setting the counter and the programs I've found for that seem to do everything but reset it.
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  1. no! if the whole printer has shut down, its the power supply. The printer will tell you if the it needs a reset. If its the printhead, you pretty well screwed. Epsons weak spot is its printhead. Its cost more than the printer.
  2. None of the ink cartridges are being recognised, despite being full. the power supply's ok from what I know.
  3. Maybe You have to make firmware downgrade
    You can do it by software - printer firmware downgrade
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