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Some great FREE apps. for tom's hardware forum users Avira free antivirus Avast free antivirus Microft security essentials free antivirus Malwarebytes free spyware malware remover superantispyware free spyware remover avg antivirus free edition pctools firewall plus free edition great free firewall comodo free firewall free windows and registry cleaner revo uninstaller free edition great free web browser great free parental control app great free defrag app great free defrag app great free system information tool great free media player free audio editor and recorder media monkey a free media player and manager free media player and manager

All these apps are also win 7 compatible!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Ummm............... WTF?

    Are you just rambling about your favorite free tools or what?
  2. Could one of the mods make this a sticky?
  3. Great. Are these applications avalible in 64 bit versions aswell?
  4. Yes they area all 64 bit comp!
  5. Best answer
    Even better. Thanks for the links
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