Sceen goes black and loud humming noise

wtf is this

im on my g73 was playing ffxiv and then wam the screen went black and a loud humming noise started what is that??

it happened a few days ago also but without the noise but it has long vertical stripes. and both times i lost complete controll of the computer i had to hold down the power button to turn it off.

is it the game or the computer.
could this be blue green gray screen of death i dont know what those actualy look like so idk

edit: ugh wtf it just happened again only this time the screen was green with a lot of black skinny vertical lines and again i had to restart my computer to get rid of it

what is this and whats causing it.
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  1. does it have to do with ati because i downloaded the laptop thing for 10.8 (not that i can find it anywhere), should i download the catalist controll center??

    the only other thing i have is ati catalist install manager

    i dont know what it is but every time i click it it says stuff about desk top well this aint a desktop should i delete it??

    i havent updated anything from asus was i sapost to could this be a problem??
  2. Try putting your computer to sleep (via key on keyboard) and waking it up again. It works for me.
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