Toshiba a200 satellite on mains battery shuts down

Toasiba A200 - 27Z, will only tun on maans power with battery out.

Put battery in it shuts down instantly, dead, no lights, will only work if battery taken out.

Bought new battery, same problem.

Toshiba deny there is a known fault, any ideas please.
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  1. There may not be a known fault with the system, but you can have a power issue in yours. Since a new battery does the same thing, it's something with the power leads from the battery to the motherboard.

    If the system is out of warranty, your option wuld be to either just live with it, or take it to a repair shop. If it costs more than half to repair that it would for a new laptop though, I would not do the repair, but a new laptop.
  2. Thank you
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