ASUS UL30a-X5 Battery Meter Problem


I've got a strange behavior of the windows battery meter (a little icon in the clock area) started couple days ago. It shows 80% all the time whatever I do. Plugged in or unplugged from AC - still 80%. I can work unplugged until the battery eventually died. When I after plug in the AC and boot up the Windows, it reads again 80%, but the battery is charging, because after couple hours of charging, the laptop can work unplugged ~ 7 hours until the battery died again.

Any ideas and/or solutions?

Thank you
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  1. Same problem here with asus g73 laptop. Since the first day my battery indicator keeps indicating 100% fully charged with or without outlet plugged in. This is really really annoying as it turns of the computer brutaly when the battery dies. The difference here is that it tells me after reboot and plug on sector that it is charging... Already 2 months of updates and still no fixes.

    This is not a bug that should be left unresolved by microsoft as it can lead to errors when the computer turns off...
  2. Got it fixed by ASUS repair center by replacing the battery with new one. Lucky it was on warranty.
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