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I just acquired a new Asus 1015 netbook.

When the keyboard is idle for a few minutes, it automatically plays a promo video for Asus Seashell.
I can't figure out how to disable that.

It's both annoying and dysfunctional.
Any ideas??
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  1. Sounds like the promo video that would be displayed when the netbook is in the store. The fact that it is on there is a little mysterious. What do you mean by aquired?
  2. Bought.

    It's a screen saver.
  3. Done.
  4. Now, what's the best way to transfer my files and programs?
  5. was probably a display model..... did you buy it whilst aware of this?
  6. No, the box was sealed. Not a display model.
    Asus gets 5 demerits for annoying buyers.
  7. thank you--I love you!

    tomazg said:

    It's a screen saver.
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