Multiple problems with an Acer 3820TG

Hey Guys, I have a brand new Acer 3820TG. Worked fine out of the box and then i ran Windows Updates. After restarting, something totally wrong happened. Here it goes:

1. I cannot run Windows Update anymore
2. Immediately after restart, if i press a key or use the touchpad the screen automatically dims and then I can't make it bright again by using the designated CTRL + Arows keys, as nothing happens
3. Cannot access network, nor by Cable or by Wireless. as it says that they are not active
4. Cannot access power options, i click it and nothing happens
5. Cannot access
6. cannot use Recovery from Windows as it says that there's a problem with the disk.
7. Overall system loads incredibly slow

These are what i managed to notice till now.

What can i do to make these right. I have pretty good knowledge with computers, tried a lot of solutions, like reseting updates, etc. Nothing worked.

The easy way would be to reinstall Windows, however i do not have a recovery partition on the device, nor a recovery disk included...

I am running Windows 7 Home premium.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. if you made a system restore disk before the updates, do a system restore. Then once you get it restored try installing one update at a time, I know it tedious but thats the only way I would do it. upon boot up, please make your boot priority your cd drive then put your recovery disk in, then save and exit. upon restart it should boot from cd and try reinstalling. Let me know how it goes, good luck.
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