Asus f3jc 4GB possible ?

Hey everyone , I am thinking of upgrading my laptop ASUS F3JC memory to 4GB. The doubt i am having is, in Asus site they have specified maximum memory limit as 2GB . But as I know Intel mobile 945PM chipset does supports up to 4 GB of memory. If I upgrade this with 2 sticks of 2 GB memory will it detect 4 GB ??
Have someone successfully upgraded that model to 4GB ?
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  1. 32 bit Windows OS will only "see" a maximum of about 3.2 gig of RAM .
  2. Hello,
    are You from MSFT support ?
    I am guessing, because the answer is correct but completely useless (at least for me) :D
    I use 64 Bit Ubuntu Desktop, so the OS would be able to access it.
    The question is, will the chipset recognise the 4GB Ram and will it be accessible, of course with a 64 Bit OS.

    I know, the manual is showing 2GB max for that model, but I also know that this is sometimes not correct.
    yours sincerely

    robert , vienna, austria
  3. I have the same notebook running with 3GB of RAM on Win7. 1GB and 2GB sticks. Everything seems OK. Actually in asus homepage they write that this notebook has "DDR2 533/667MHz SDRAM, 2x SO-DIMM socket expandable to 2GB". I understand that part as 2GB per socket. If your 4GB works fine, let us know. I might do it as well.
  4. Hello,
    I put 2 pcs 2GB bricks, but the Notebook Bios (updated to latest version) only recognize 3GB, so does the 64-Bit OS.
    But maybe it is not completely useless because of the "Dual Channel" (Speed) issues - but I did not test memory speed because I´ve too much work to do at the moment ...
    I'll play around later and let You know.

    yours sincerely

    robert, vienna, austria
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