upgrading ??? Recommend Please

Hi , let me show you my current configuration:

3.0 Prescott 478
Asus P2P800
RAM 3200PC 1gb (total) 512 in dual slots
Radeon 7500 64MB
Seagate Barracude 300 HDD S-ata

I see a lot of New Pentium 4-64 and other variations for LGA 775 sockets...

Can you please recommend a new configuration , I am not a crazy spender but am willing to spend is performance difference can be seen compared with my current configuration.

Thank you kindly

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  1. IF you want to stick with Intel, you wont have any sensible upgrade unless youd o a lot of multi tasking then a dual core might be nice but you'll have to change mobo/cpu/ram.

    Goin AMD you could keep the ram but I dont think the cost associated is realyl worth it. SInce your system is rathe good...

    If you're a gamer a video card will be the og greatest help!

    Can you explain what this computer is used for and whats motivating your need to upgrade?

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  2. go for athlon 64 w00t w00t
  3. The fastest intel system you could build today, wouldn't even be 25% faster. Looks like you have another year or two.
  4. Do all newer Mobo's have the PCI Express slot for video cards??? Is the future PCI Express???

    Thanksfor the input
  5. Yes (might find an integrated video one without an x16 slot, but haven't seen any yet). And yes.

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  6. If you are not looking to spend a lot, you could just look for a new video card, say a ATI X850XT AGP. That would give you a better boost with regards to gaming than a new mobo and CPU would, and for a lot less.

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  7. Why not keep what you have and upgrade your vid card?
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