Burning in of static image on screen of Plasma TV?

I went in to ask questions at RC Willey where I have credit and told the salesman what I thought I wanted and told him that I wanted to use it with my computer. He said there was one problem that occurs with plasma TV's and I wanted your knowledge on this this. He said that a static image will burn into the screen, for example you have a heart on the screen for six hours playing a game and stuff will stay afterwards. He gave an example of a daughter that watched regular TV broadcast of Nicklodian without re-sizing to full screen and the black band at the top stood out after 3 months. So whats do you know about this? and his recommendation was The Sony with the Gorilla glass if your familiar with that one instead

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  1. Yep, plasmas can have burn in but not too hard to avoid it. Just don't leave the same image up in the same place for hours and days at a time.

    Samsung is a good brand. Sony is also.

    Plasma TVs are cheaper than LCDs for the same size, usually, and can also have richer colors (deeper blacks, etc....).
  2. in short: if you are worried about burn in then you might want to go with an lcd over a plasma. the risk is still there (i've seen lcd screens with burn in) but they are less succeptible.

    plasma does offer better contrast ratios but at least in the past they were money pits since you had to have them fixed every few years. that might have changed but personally i wouldnt buy one as what you gain isnt anything special.

    agreed, sony is a good brand. i like the samsung tvs too but i recently heard some bad mojo about their customer service.

    if you want to use this with your computer... get a 60hz lcd not a 120 or 240hz model. you should have zero issues that way.
  3. thanks for the input
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