Can't install WinXP Pro on Win7 X64 Partition

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I am trying to install Win XP Pro 32bit onto a partition that I created on my Win7 Home Premium X64 hard drive. When I get to the part of the XP install where it lists the available partitions, the newly created one isn't listed.

I have also tried installing XP on a seperate hard drive, but when I boot from the XP disk, XP states that the Drive C: either is formatted incorrectly, corrupted or has an OS that XP doesn't recognize. Drive D: is listed, but XP keeps preventing me from installing onto it.

I am not sure why this is happening. I can kind of understand why XP would not install into a X64 created partition, but not sure why it is not installing on the second hard drive, which is a PATA drive.

Thanks for any help
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  1. You must install the oldest Operating System first, then the newer one, else it will not add to the bootmgr properly.
  2. Is this true even if I am installing XP to a seperate hard drive? Does XP have to be installed first, on one drive, then Win7 on the second drive?
  3. Yes, even on separate hard drives, XP must be the one to write the boot code, and Windows 7 modify it instead of the other way around.

    it can either be on separate hard drives or just separate partitions.
  4. okay, thanks for the info.

    what if I disconnected my drive with Win7, then installed XP on the second drive and reconnected the Win7 drive. Would that work?
  5. No, because there would be two conflicting boot codes.
  6. Yes you can disconnect the win7 drive and install xp on a diferent drive then reattach the win 7 drive and use your bios to select what os to load.
  7. If you're intent on it, and don't mind downloading a few tools for it, I have found a way to do it: It seems to be a lengthy process, so be warned.
  8. Ben, yes you can do it like that. I dont know if the Capt minds using bios to pick his OS but it should be a simpler way to go now that he is happy with his win7 install. are you happy Capt?
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